The GSM Security Map compares the protection capabilities of mobile networks.

Networks are rated in their protection capabilities relative to a reference network that implements all protection measures that have been seen “in the wild”. The reference is regularly updated to reflect new protection ideas becoming commercially available. Networks, therefore, have to improve continuously to maintain their score, just as hackers are continuously improving their capabilities.

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…using your smartphone

The SRLabs mobile self-defense Android application "Snoop Snitch" features live detection of different attack scenarios.
It also allows data capture and upload to GSMmap. You can download the open-source application here.

…using your computer

Measurement traces can be contributed with easy to use tools and a hardware able to capture raw network data.
You will either need an Osmocom-supported phone or an XGold-based phone such as a Galaxy S2, S3, or Nexus.

Capture and upload tools as well as tutorials are found here.

All tools feature automated data submission.
If you need to manually upload your results, please click here.


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